Monday, February 25, 2013

Starting Accentuate the Negative - Feb 25th and 26th

Welcome Back!

Coming back from Break we are also moving into a new Unit called Accentuate the Negative.
The focus is on this Unit is understanding and developing systematic ways to add, subtract, multiply, and divide positive and negative numbers.  Students will develop algorithms for computations and will use the order of operations, the Commutative Property, and the Distributive Property to solve problems.

Worksheets to Complete in class or homework:
Accentuate the Negative- Prior Skills and Concepts

Working with Integers Document Link
If you can not answer a question circle it and place a question mark next to it.  Do not worry about not being able to answer every question, this is a baseline.

Skills Sheet due Friday March 1st:
Skills #13 Document Link

We started Investigation 1 by going over vocabulary and completing the reading on p. 5-7.
The vocabulary words are:

  • Rational Number
  • Positive Number
  • Negative Number
  • Integer
  • Opposite
Be sure to review these and understand their meaning based on the worksheet and today's reading.

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