Thursday, October 11, 2012

Friday October 12th - Work for the Day

Today in Math we will go over the Core ACE Problems #5-12 that we completed in class and for homework last week.

The following are the review of the 2 Levels.
Level I  Starts on page 74, ACE Problems #5-12, 22-27, 30-34

Level II Starts on page 74 ACE Problems #5-12 and 26 - 37.

The following are the Answers to the given ACE Problems.

I supplied the answers above, but any questions you have should be directed to Mr. Poloquin to go over on the board.

We will complete the ACE Problems and then move onto Skills Practice Work.  The sheet you will be handed is a practice for the test you will take next Friday (October 19th).  This test will count on your final grade.  It is very important you identify the areas of weakness you are having on the practice sheet and get help in these areas.

Use the entire time to work through the sheet and complete the rest over the weekend for Monday's class if you do not finish.

This is independent work, but you may get help from Mr. Poloquin if it is needed.

Good luck!

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