Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday October 1st

Today in class students updated there Skills Tracker Sheets on their E-portfolios. They now have scores from the first 3 skills sheets. My expectation is that if they received a score lower than 7 out of 9 they will correct and resubmit the sheet to me. These are corrections are due by Friday!  

A reminder that skills help can be found on the HMS Skills Help Page.

They also received Skill Sheet #4.

Students completed their first Quiz today and will be getting this back this week.

We will start Investigation 3.1 tomorrow.  Students should organize their binders and get ready to begin this.  Binders should be in order of investigation for example:
Inv 1.1, Inv 1.1 homework, Inv 1.2, Inv 1.2 homework, Inv 1.3, Inv 1.3 homework....

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